How Does Malocclusion Affect Speech?

A Dental Patient with an Example of MalocclusionA malocclusion will not only cause teeth aesthetic problems, but this may also have a negative effect on speech. Certain malocclusions may make it difficult to produce certain sounds and pronounce words correctly. Specialists from Euro Dental Care mention that identifying these problems is the first step to determining which treatment is the ideal solution.

Speech Problems Caused by a Crossbite

A crossbite is common in children who have a cleft palate; the overlapping of the mandibular and maxillary teeth is the main characteristic of this dental problem. An anterior crossbite may lead to a passive speech and sound error because of interdental production of alveolar sounds. This form of malocclusion may lead to an inverted f sound when one speaks.

Open Bite Speech Problems

The characteristics of an open bite dental problem are that the lower and upper teeth do not fully close at rest. An anterior open bite may cause similar speech and sound production problems caused by a crossbite.

The Problem with Over Bites

The normal overlap of the upper incisors on the lower ones is that the former covers the latter at about 25%. Once the overlap surpasses that number, it becomes a deep or over bite. This may lead to the complete overlapping of the upper and lower incisors. This may cause problems such as the crowding of oral cavity and have a negative effect on the way a person produces tongue-tip and sibilant sounds.

Required Treatment

Some people have to deal with malocclusions at birth, such as those with a cleft palate. However, treatment is possible and correcting sound and speech production is a viable option. In such cases, they can get orthodontic appliances and certain dental treatments to correct the alignment of their teeth and jaws. It is better to get treatment as soon as possible before the teeth set into place permanently. Although, correction is still possible the cost and length of procedure may be more costly and may take longer.