Going for Dental Bridges? Here are Your Options

a toothDental bridges aid in bridging of gaps in between teeth to improve a person’s smile. In order to wear dental bridges well, you need to have excellent oral health, as well as strong jaw and bone support.

If you have poor oral hygiene habits, then dental bridges may not be an option for you. Reason being, fitting the bridges requires up to a certain degree of the protective enamel, which cannot be removed in some patients. That said, before undergoing treatment, you should consider your options carefully.

Tareedentalcare.com.au outlines the most popular ones.

Traditional Dental Bridges

These are made of one or more pontics or fake teeth, which are then secured in place using dental crowns. They are best used when natural teeth on either side of the gap are still present. However, this type of bridge requires your dentist to remove enamel to create space where the dental crowns will be affixed. Since tooth enamel never grows back, you will always need the crowns even with other types of bridges.

Cantilever bridges

Unlike the traditional bridges, this type supports the pontics using an abutment on a single side of the tooth as opposed to both sides. That means even if you have only one natural tooth neighbouring the gap, a dental bridge can still be put in place. Similar to traditional bridges, your dentist will remove the enamel of the adjacent tooth for it to support the bridge.

Maryland Bridges

This type is quite conservative when compared to the other two types. In this case, the pontics are secured in place by porcelain framework or a metal. The metal or porcelain framework is bonded to the back of the two teeth, which are adjacent to the missing tooth. They are best used to replace the front teeth.

All dental bridges require a similar high level of oral care. This is because the preparation of your teeth for bridges makes them susceptible to decay, gum disease, and plaque. To ensure that food particles do not get stuck inside the bridges, use a soft toothbrush to remove all the deposits thoroughly.