Get Oriental: Asian Make-Over Ideas for Your Home

 Asian Designed HomePlanning to make a drastic change to your home's theme and look? Look no further than sales sites, art print stores and even garage sales to turn your home into an Asian getaway. Consider it travelling to eastern shores without being a tourist.

Colours – Asian countries are firmly rooted in spiritual and metaphysical beliefs. Everything has a strict, almost linear purpose and to stray from that courts danger. They believe in the use of colour a little differently from how Westerners do, especially the colours red and white. To Western ideals, red represents passion, strength, love, and power. To many Asians, it is a colour of luck and auspiciousness. Thus, red lanterns, red decor and red carpets will work well for your Asian theme. White to Westerners is purity of the spirit and body or even goodness. To some Asian countries, such as China, white is the colour of death and grief.

Paintings – Serenity and power are two common themes in Asian paintings. They contrast between high minded themes like dragons, exalted beings, and eternity, and then fall to more human concepts like farming, musicians or actors in a play, and even flatulence. Simply get limited edition art prints and paintings that feature Asian art and hang them up like banners on the walls. Use simple wooden or bamboo frames without the carvings and etchings to keep the focus on the paintings.

Scents – While incense is presumed to make things more exotic, not everyone will enjoy it for aesthetic and health reasons. Turn your room into a fresh, fragrant hideaway through scented oils, humidifiers, and candles instead. Lavender, jasmine, and citrus are popular choices and easy to find in herbal shops. There are also simple DIY scented powders that you can leave in potpourris all over the room.

Asian countries are known to be “exotic” or “mysterious”. This can be achieved with a simple change of colour or additional artwork in bedrooms and living rooms. Just remember to plan your overall design and look first before you purchase anything.