Fun Ways to De-stress in Utah

Woman relaxing by a park benchWe get it. Work is tough. We feel the same way. Everyone knows work is the last thing you want to do–unless you’re a workaholic, but even that doesn’t justify the number of hours you need to put in. You need a break.

But what will you do? Here are some suggestions:

Spend Time with Your Loved One

There’s nothing more fun than spending time with your loved one, especially if you rarely get the chance. Make the hours count by doing something productive, such as getting a haircut or having your nails done. Choose a nail salon in Heber that offers services for couples, so you and your significant other can get the pampering you both deserve while you catch up on each other’s day.


For many, exercising is a great form of stress relief. If you like to stay active, learning a new routine, you can do during your midday break can help you cope with the daily stress. This is a more immediate response to stress, so you don’t have to wait for them to accumulate and cause a major mood drop. If exercise is such an essential part of your life, consider a subscription to the gym, so you can take full advantage of their equipment after you’re done with work.

Go to Fun Events

Utah is filled with fun activities this fall. listed some of the activities you can participate in, and there’s plenty of fun for everyone. Take your children to see a musical, or go with your partner to a symphony. There’s also Oktoberfest, so you can have your fair share of beer and other beverages that help you unwind and let loose.

You don’t need a full month away from work just to relax. When things get too stressful, take a breather.