Four Ways You Can Help Your Child Develop Straight Teeth

Crooked Teeth

Growing up with misaligned or crooked teeth is not a fun experience. Such dental problems can affect a child’s self-esteem and also lead to many other dental health concerns.

Here’s how you can help your child to develop straight healthy teeth:

  1. Teach your kid to stop thumb sucking

While thumb sucking is normal and healthy for infants, the habit should not continue beyond the age of five. The habit can put undue pressure on the kid’s growing gums at a time when permanent teeth are beginning to emerge. The consequence is an increased risk of the child having crooked teeth or developing a misaligned bite. Help your child to make the decision to stop sucking her thumb or fingers by offering her encouragement and positive reinforcement. Also, try to determine the reason behind the habit. Once you deal with what is stressing the child, the habit may automatically cease.

  1. Beware of genetics

The chance of developing crooked teeth can sometimes run in the family. If you or your child’s other parent had crooked teeth or poor teeth alignment growing up, your kid might also develop the problem, healthy dental habits notwithstanding. Work with an orthodontics professional to monitor how your child’s teeth develop and catch any alignment issues early.

  1. Prevent early childhood caries

Untreated early childhood caries is a leading cause of baby teeth decay. Baby teeth are important because they serve as serve as “space savers” for permanent teeth. If these temporary teeth get damaged or destroyed, they may fail to guide adult teeth into their proper position. The result is an enhanced chance of crowded or crooked permanent teeth. Good oral hygiene can help prevent nursing caries.

  1. Prevent and treat tooth loss

Early tooth loss may lead to adult teeth alignment issues. If your child loses a tooth either through an accident or decay, make sure to book a dental appointment as soon as possible.

Poor dental health, genetics, and overuse of dummies and bottles can all cause crooked teeth. Luckily, there are ways to minimize the long-term impact of crooked teeth. Look out for your kid’s dental health and schedule regular dental appointments to prevent crooked teeth and other dental problems.