Four Tips for Timing Back Surgery

a doctor showing a patient an x-ray image of her spineIn the United States, back pain remains the most prevalent type of chronic pain. Some patients even require surgery to ease their pain. If you are a candidate for spine surgery, here are tips on timing the procedure:

Don’t rush a non-emergency procedure.

If you have been suffering from back pain for several years now, you may want your minimally invasive spine surgery scheduled in NJ the soonest. That is understandable because you have had enough of the pain, stiffness and mobility problems.

However, you should not rush any surgery unnecessarily. Listen to your doctor and surgeon if both tell you to wait a little longer. The waiting time may allow your body to heal on its own or with a more conservative treatment.

Don’t put off an emergency procedure.

You may require surgery ASAP if, for instance, you have a spinal cord injury or an equally serious problem. You may also need to schedule surgery fast if your pain is severe and unrelenting or you have neurological symptoms.

Putting off an emergency surgery can worsen the problem. For example, there may be nerve damage and weakness due to too little blood flow to the spine for an extended period.

Plan your leave accordingly.

Recovery varies from procedure to procedure and patient to patient. You may need a relatively long time off your work if you are scheduled for a complex type of surgery. Recovery time is also usually longer for patients who are older, have other existing health conditions, or have limited mobility before the procedure.

Arrange for post-surgery support.

After your surgery, you will need assistance with activities such as cooking and cleaning for about two weeks. You may require support for more than a month if the operation is open.

Once your doctor recommends surgery for your back pain, it is time to see an orthopedic surgeon. If the surgeon reiterates you can benefit from surgery, timing the procedure is the next step. Appropriate timing is crucial.