For Women Only: What to Expect on a Pap Smear

Three smiling womenMany women are nervous about their first pap smear? A Pap smear or Pap test is a routine screening every three years to check for risks of cervical cancer, which one should start getting at the age of 21. Those who usually need Pap Smears are those who are at risk of having Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) or people who have a sexually transmitted infection known as Human Papilloma Virus which may cause cervical cancer.

A Proper Pap Smear

A gynecologist should have the proper equipment such as a vaginal speculum.  This tool opens up vaginal walls so the doctor could perform tests depending on your needs. This device goes far enough when there is resistance.

Many women are concerned about going for a Pap smear for the first time. Gynecologists remind their patients do not need to shave for an exam. They also remind that their patients must not have used a douche, a tampon, or have had intercourse 24 hours before the exam. These preparations are essential to make sure that the instruments get a specimen that can be acceptable for the exam.

Prevent Discomfort or Pain

The discomfort or pain may come from gently scraping cells off of the cervix. There are a few ways a gynecologist could do this, one if which is to use a cytobrush which is a combination of a spatula and a brush.

A woman’s health must always be her number one priority, and her gynecologist should make sure they have the right tools for a proper Pap smear every three years. Check your health clinic if they have the right tools and equipment so you’ll be at ease in your next check-up.