For Fast Recovery: 3 Steps to Helping Seniors Eat Healthy

two old woman eatingThe right nutrition is necessary for older adults, but most especially when they are recovering from an illness or surgery. What and how they eat will greatly affect the way the body heals and regains physical energy. As caregivers, you have to make sure that your elderly loved one eats healthy. With that in mind, here are some tips to help recovering seniors get the right nutrition:

Take note of the calories.

Remember that your loved one must hit certain amount of calories per day. Getting fewer than the necessary can make the healing process slower and make them weaker and unable to follow through physical therapy and other activities. The best way to know this is to ask their doctor or dietitian. This will help you better plan their meals.

Give them what they want.

But with a twist. Experts who provide elderly in-home health care services in Frankfort know well that older people recovering from surgery don’t want to eat, since most illnesses cause bodies to lose appetite. What they do then is ask seniors about their favorite food, then try to work around that, adding nutritional supplements in the food they want to eat. You may want to do the same to entice your loved one to eat better.

Prepare meals that have healing nutrients.

Vitamin C and zinc are beneficial for healing skin wounds. So it’s best to swap supermarket juices for whole citrus fruits, like tangerines, and make a Vitamin C-rich smoothie. Zinc-rich foods, on the other hand, are beef, crab, and chicken, so you may want to add these ingredients on their next meal.

Make sure to prepare food rich in Vitamin D as well, as these can reduce risk to bone problems, which seniors would need to keep up with their physical strength and lessen susceptibility to falls and fractures. Tuna and salmon are just some of the food rich in Vitamin D.

Help your loved one achieve the right nutrition during recovery. If you could get experts who provide elderly care services, that would give you the peace of mind that they’re well on the way to faster recovery.