Factors That Influence Your Required Dosage of Botox

Botox procedureBotox contains Botulinum toxin, a natural protein produced by Clostridium botulinum. This toxin is injected into a specific muscle group and blocks nerve signals to it; therefore, minimizing wrinkling.

Several factors will determine the cost of your Botox treatment. One of these is the dosage you need for an effective Botox treatment in Salt Lake City. Utah Dermatologic & Medical Procedures Clinic notes that the dosage can be personalized; therefore, the treatment cost varies among patients.

Here are a few elements that will influence your required Botox dosage:

The Depth of Your Wrinkles

You might need more Botox units if you have very deep wrinkles. The number of your wrinkles typically does not matter since Botox is injected into a muscle group rather than individual wrinkles.

Some doctors, however, have a maximum unit of Botox injections they will give regardless of the depth of a patient’s wrinkles because too much might create an unnatural look. They might recommend frequent treatments as opposed to more Botox units in a single sitting.

Location of Treatment

Different treatment areas require different quantities of Botox. Foreheads and glabella lines, for instance, typically require 20-25 units of Botox while dimpled chins usually only need four units. Crow’s feet usually require 25 units of Botox.

Your Muscle’s Conditions

The condition of your muscles also dictates the dosage of your Botox injection. Your doctor will consider the density and elasticity of your facial muscles when calculating your dosage, as this will affect the outcome of your treatment. People with naturally strong facial muscles, for instance, often need higher Botox dosages.

The correct Botox dosage is essential for a better treatment outcome. Do not be tempted to get fewer units of Botox to save money, as your treatment will be mostly inefficient. Save up enough money to get your recommended dose. The result of a treatment will be worth every dollar you spend.