Facelift Guide: Benefits, Types, and Process

A woman touching her face There are natural ways to make the face look younger. However, natural remedies could take you a long time before you’d see changes and improvement. If you want to look young again instantly, then a facelift might just be what you need.

Benefits of Facelift

A facelift can make the face and even neck look at least 10 years younger. It works by eliminating saggy skin and deep wrinkles on face by rearranging the tissues of the face, slightly stretching the skin, and cutting off excess skin.

How Facelift Works

A facelift procedure begins with the use of either local or general anesthesia. The type of anesthesia to be used depends on the type of facelift and on how invasive the procedure is. Sedation may also be used for a less complicated procedure.

During a facelift procedure, the surgeon creates incisions around the ears and along the hairline. Then he lifts the skin partially separating it from your face. He then rearranges the facial tissues to slightly push them forward. If there is fat, he also removes it through liposuction. Then after, he places the skin back to the face while tightening it with sutures. He cuts off the excess skin.

Common Types of Facelift Procedures

There are several types of facial plastic surgery. The most common is the SMAS lift. It works well on patients with midface sagging and slight laxity. It is also a preferred option because of its long-lasting effects and reasonable price.

Individuals who have severe skin sagging may go for a deep plane lift. It is a more complicated process that involves rearrangement of the superficial musculoaponeurotic system. Although this type of facelift procedure is expensive, it does promise longer-lasting effects and fewer revisions.

Who Is a Good Candidate for a Facelift Procedure?

Those who are healthy, are not overweight, do not smoke, and have a positive outlook are ideal candidates for a facelift procedure. However, since each case is unique, it is best to talk to a facial plastic surgeon first to know which procedure is best for you.

In Los Angeles, facelift procedures are widely available to bring back the youthful glow more quickly and sometime, more effectively than natural remedies. Although expensive, they offer long-lasting and noticeable results.