Drug Use: Why Quitting Is Hard to Do

A young drug addict crying as she uses a needle People who have been using drugs for so long can find it difficult to quit. Change is usually a challenge because substance abuse brings immediate positive effects. It can make you feel good, more confident, and even forget about your problems.

You may feel compelled to try it to relax, feel energetic, or simply to fit in with the crowd. Sure, you don’t have intentions of using drugs for so long and you believe that you can easily handle substance use. When finally want to stop, however, you may find that it is not easy. The thing is, issues related to drug use develop slowly and you may overlook the warning signs that the problem is becoming serious.

False Beliefs

Drugs and other substances tend to become a great help, especially in providing short-term relief from negative and difficult feelings. Apart from making problems seem unimportant, it can also make it easier for you to talk to people or enjoy other activities. Renaissance Ranch Outpatient and other drug addiction treatment centers in Utah note that long-term use may cause you to believe that you cannot function without the substance.

Becoming Dependent

Continued and heavy use can alter brain and body functions. If you have become dependent on drugs and then stop using them, withdrawal symptoms are likely. These are usually distressing, so you may want to return to using the substance again to stop the negative feeling. This makes it even more important to stay in the treatment and get support.

Seeing Treatment

If you feel that drug use is interfering with your daily life and you feel unable to control your cravings, it is best to get help. Note that each treatment program is different and will be tailored to suit your individual circumstances. The goal is to plan the right approach and help you learn skills for leaving a healthy and fulfilling life.

Even if you’ve been through treatment before, there is always use in trying again. You can always return to the same treatment or try a new approach. This may feel discouraging at first, but note that lasting success is achievable. Being committed to change is the key.