Don’t Lose that Mental Sharpness Even in Your Senior Years

Fitness TrainingIt is disheartening to note that elderly people are resigned to the fact that mental agility may decline while advancing in years.  While this may appear true in many instances, this should not be the case if we go along with the results of a recent study that was published in the medical journal PLoS One. It reported that with regular exercise, elderly people can keep their minds as sharp as before.

This should be a welcome development for you if you fall under the category of senior citizen. This should encourage you more take up a fitness programme. In view of certain limitations, it may be best to get guidance from professionals who specialise in personal training in East Brisbane.

Study Involving 100 Seniors

Led by Agnieszka Burzynska, currently a professor at Colorado University, a team of researchers carried out a clinical trial with the objective of determining the impact of exercise on the mental agility of elderly people. Included in the study were 100 seniors who were between 60 to 80 years. These participants were made to wear monitors to record their levels of physical activity. They were also asked to undergo MRI scans to measure their blood oxygen levels and to assess brain activity during rest.

More Brain Activity in Active Seniors

At the conclusion of the study, researchers determined that there was more brain activity for subjects who engaged in exercise compared to those who led sedentary lives. It was found that these physically fit seniors had better white matter structure in the brain, indicating that more activity in different regions of the brain. These are recognised standards in assessing brain health and cognitive functioning.

This should be an added incentive for seniors to engage in exercise. It has long been acknowledged that regular exercise is beneficial to a person’s physical health, regardless of age. So now you just don’t get physically healthy but may also remain mentally alert.