Does Your Child Need Braces?

Braces for Kids in HolladaySome children may need braces to treat a number of problems, such as overcrowding, overlapping, or crooked teeth. Malocclusion or the difference in the sizes of the jaw also means wearing braces to fix the problem. The need for an orthodontic solution may be inherited. If you once wore braces when you were young, it is likely that your kids will need to wear them too.

A visit to a dentist will determine orthodontic problems or if your child needs braces. Your dentist can decide when your child should wear the device or what type of braces would fit them. Family dentists in Holladay note that there is no specific age on wear to braces, but it is usually more effective in younger children than adults.

Common Types of Braces

The most common type of braces is the metal one. This has wires, brackets, and bands that dentists adjust gradually to align the teeth properly. The bands are available in different colors, so kids can choose what they like. Those who want to avoid the metal can wear ceramic braces, which are less obvious. Lingual braces or those that are attached behind the teeth are also available.

Clear Aligners and Other Devices

There are clear removable braces (Invisalign) or devices that move teeth using plastic aligners. These are virtually invisible, but are only suitable for some people. There are also instances that kids may need supporting devices like a headgear. This is mostly worn at night to provide a stronger pressure to move the teeth.

Adjusting and Retaining

Your child will have to visit the dentist every few weeks to adjust the braces and monitor the alignment. The length of time wearing them will depend on the severity of the problem. The average time is two years and your child, then need a retainer to retain the aligned teeth or keep them going back to their original position.

Braces are necessary to fix orthodontic problems and give them a beautiful smile in the future. Talk to your dentist to learn more about braces and other tips on keeping your kid’s mouth healthy for a lifetime.