Does your bikini body include a smile?

Woman's straight teethSpring is just around the corner and right now people, maybe even you, are starting to think where they’d like to go for their summer holidays, and what to wear on the beach. But before you go spending loads of money on getting the perfect body for the perfect bikini, have you thought about how important a smile can be when you are travelling abroad?

If you are holidaying in a country where you don’t speak the language, a warm smile should be among the top 10 items on your packing list. A warm, friendly smile can speak a thousand words. If you are unhappy with your smile, now is the time to make it something you love and want to flash all the time. The smile is the universal currency of contact, and a vital part of any traveller’s bag. Cosmetic dentistry has a variety of treatments and techniques that can brighten up your smile without breaking the bank. If you live in Essex and want to perfect your travelling smile, then Simply Teeth could be the dental practice to help you get the smile you want.

Teeth whitening

This is probably the quickest and easiest way to polish up your teeth. Teeth whitening can be carried out in an hour in the dentist’s chair using a special gel activated by ultraviolet light. Or, you can buy a kit from the dentist to exactly fit your teeth, and carry out the treatment at home over a few weeks.

Teeth straightening

There are now several ways to realign teeth for cosmetic reasons. Having only the front six ‘social’ teeth, the ones that others mostly see, straightened is often a much simpler, quicker process. Choose between discreet braces and brackets systems made of tooth-coloured ceramic and wire, or almost invisible, clear resin mouth-guard-style braces that slip snugly over the teeth.

Teeth covering

Chipped, worn, gappy or uneven teeth can be covered in hard-wearing porcelain sheaths called veneers. One, a few, or even all the teeth can be covered.

Whatever you choose for your travelling smile, rest assured it will start paying for itself as soon you as arrive at the airport check-in. Maybe it will even get you an upgrade!