Do You Find Tattoos and Nice Teeth Appealing? Let Science Explain Why

A woman smiling and showing her teeth In a sea of faces, where do your eyes wander?

Physical attraction is relative. The traits you find attractive may not be as appealing to the next person. Some people may even argue that when it comes to dating or choosing a potential partner, looks can take the backseat. Whether we are aware or not, however, a person’s looks can influence our perception of them or the level of attraction we may feel towards them.

If you have always found yourself attracted to individuals with a sweet smile or a tattoo, science can help you understand your preferences. Here’s how nature dictates your choice of a potential mate:

Nice Smiles Are Attractive

If you’re single and totally ready to mingle, it’s high time to get treatments that whiten teeth in Gainsborough and elsewhere. Experts say that when people assess the physical attractiveness of potential mates, they often comment on the person’s teeth shape or color.

While the teeth’s condition is not entirely arbitrary, it can reveal important health information about the person’s genetic quality and overall health. Tooth loss, for instance, is associated with poor general health and conditions such as stroke and cardiovascular disease. Teeth spacing, among other dental conditions, is meanwhile associated with certain genetic disorders such as Robinow’s syndrome.

While looks aren’t everything, a beautiful set of teeth goes beyond skin-deep. A healthy set of teeth and gums does not only make you more attractive: it also helps you smile, talk, and eat with confidence. It can also help you avoid a host of diseases usually associated with periodontal illnesses.

Tattoos Are a Plus

Experts link tattoos, among other forms of permanent body modifications, to various health risks, such as allergic reactions to dyes to transmissions of blood-borne diseases. For this reason, the ability to get and maintain a tattoo without suffering any adverse reaction can signify a person’s immunocompetence and physical fitness.

Men are more likely to display their tattoos to call attention to their physical health and fitness status since women tend to look at people with multiple tattoos as healthier than those who don’t have.