Digital Dentistry: The Future of the Dental Industry

a dental clinicDigital dentistry is the future of the dental industry. Technological advancements in the dental industry have come a long way. Technology has made it possible to improve the design, comfort, and quality of the dental appliance through the use of imaging technology.

So, there will be no more uncomfortable and unsightly orthodontic appliances. With that said, working with a digital dental lab has many benefits. Continue reading below to find out more about these benefits.

Enhanced Workflow

Technology has made communication between dentists and the labs they work with so much easier and more efficient. When dentists take a 3D scan, they can immediately send it over to the lab. This gives the lab technicians instant access to the scan, allowing them to catch any problems and provide feedback immediately.

This helps them achieve a more successful restoration in half the time than they would have when done manually.

Improved Speed and Precision

When done the traditional way, you need impressions to create a working model. Aside from having to wait for the impression to arrive at the lab before they can start working with it, it is also prone to mistakes.

On the other hand, you significantly reduce remakes due to mistakes when done digitally. Furthermore, dentists can send the 3D scan in real-time, and the lab technicians can have a working model ready in just 24 hours. This is how amazing technology is.

Positive Patient Experience

Having an impression tray that is not only large but also gooey stuck in your mouth is neither fun nor comfortable. Digital dentistry eliminates this part of getting impressions as digital scanners provide a more accurate and comfortable process. This helps create a better experience for the patient.

Whether you like it or not, this is the future of dentistry as more and more dentists are adopting this practice. While the upfront cost for a chairside 3D intraoral scanner is pretty steep, this investment will pay off later as you get to save more from fewer consumables and increased productivity.