Dentistry in the Ancient Times

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Ever wondered how people from the old ages treat their toothaches and gum diseases? Do they even know such things and other dental complications exist?

Ancient Egyptian Dentistry

Egyptians were believed to be superior in their knowledge of human anatomy. This is proven at present by their intricate mummifying techniques. Nevertheless, like human beings at present, Egyptians were also plagued with the problems of having toothache due to cavities. Conditions of the teeth were studied during the early times and were discussed in the Ebers Papyrus. A scribe named Hesy-Re was known to be the earliest dental practitioner.

Though at some point, Egyptians see the matters of the teeth as something that is incurable, they eventually came up with tools that would relieve people from pain due to cavities. Teeth were pulled out, sans anesthesia giving excruciating pain to patients. Ancient Egyptian knowledge is among the pioneers of the field of dentistry.

Ancient Greek Dentistry

The Greeks take pride in being able to handle pain, so instead of pulling out painful teeth, they choose to fill it up. Archeologists have found out that a mummy died due to numerous cavities and dental problems that it affected his sinus and caused his death.

The affected teeth were filled up with linen. The cloth prevented food from entering the teeth and decaying the affected area.

Dentistry at present

Dental visits at present are not as haunting as before. Procedures (i.e. braces, wisdom tooth extraction) might hurt more than others might, but the pain is still bearable as compared to the ancient times. You also have different options to make your smile better with the help of various cosmetic dentists in Boise.

Scared of going to your next appointment? Think how an average ancient Greek would feel back in his time, it might make you enjoy your dental visits more.