Dental Implants: Leading the Way for Tooth Replacement

a woman choosing the right shade for her dental implantsDental implants have been being offered by dentists in the UK for quite some time now. Their popularity has been steadily increasing ever since they first became available.

There are good reasons for this increase in popularity. For practices like PDC Dental Implants in Barnsley, dental implants have become a routine procedure, helping patients to get back to their usual lifestyles.

Implants are probably the most stable and durable form of tooth replacement available. Implants can help a patient to eat all of the foods they love and give them back the confidence they had before tooth loss ever happened.

Types of dental implants in Barnsley

Dental implants can be offered to replace any number of missing teeth. Their versatility and practicality is what makes them such a great option for many patients.

If a patient comes to a practice with a single missing tooth, a single implant can be placed to fill the gap left behind by the missing tooth. This kind of implant involves a tailor-made crown to be crafted to fit exactly in the patient’s smile.

Implants are often commonly used to replace multiple teeth. In this case a dental bridge can be applied to the dental implant or implants.

Even if a patient has no natural teeth remaining, dental implants can be used to support a set of new or existing dentures. This treatment can give a new lease of life to existing dentures, making them much more practical and usable.

Dental implant procedure

The fitting of dental implants in Barnsley involves a minor surgical procedure. In this procedure, a small hole is created in the patient’s jawbone. In this hole, a titanium screw is fitted. Once this screw heals with the natural material of the jawbone, a sturdy anchor is created.

This treatment is so reliable because it works with the natural healing process of the patient’s body to create a durable and stable type of tooth replacement.

Patients must be aware that only a professional can advise on if they are a suitable candidate for implants before starting their journey to a perfect smile.