Dental Implants with Dentist Joe Bhat: A Journey to a New Smile

a dentist smiling with her patientPlacing a single or multiple dental implants can be challenging and finding the right dentist for this treatment can alleviate a lot of stress. Every patient is unique and their treatment journey is bound to be different, depending on their oral health status and individual requirements.

After an initial consultation, dentist Joe Bhat will let patients know about the state of their teeth and the specific treatment they require. Patients will be provided with a custom-made treatment plan to suit their individual situation. This treatment plan will include information about the treatment, timescales as well as projected costs.

A full mouth assessment

A consultation appointment with dentist Joe Bhat includes x-rays, photos and 3D impressions. These are very important for many reasons. Dental implants require a healthy jawbone for support as well as a healthy mouth. These examinations can help the dentist identify any problem prior to the implant operation. For this reason, planning the dental implant surgery is as important as the implant surgery itself. If patients suffer from active gum disease or any other oral health issues (i.e. diabetes, heart disease), that could impair the success of dental implants, in most cases, these problems can be overcome as long as they are addressed in good time.

Implant surgery

Once patients are cleared for dental implants, dentist Joe Bhat will plan the implant surgery. Dental implants are small titanium posts that are surgically embedded into the jawbone, below the gum line. During the healing stage, during which the dental implants will gradually fuse with the jawbone, the gums will completely cover the implants. The dental implants will then be left for a period of time in order to become stable before the replacement teeth are attached. Replacement teeth can be single crowns, bridges or dentures.

Implant aftercare

Unlike other tooth replacement options, dental implants can last a lifetime, provided that they are well looked after. Dr Joe Bhat will help guide patients in ways to maintain their dental implants. Patients will be advised to visit the dentist for regular tooth-cleanings and help with treating and managing conditions such as gum disease. These are as important for the health of the natural teeth as they are for the dental implants.