Cosmetic Dentists and the Fight Against Stained Teeth

Cosmetic DentistWhite teeth are the standard of beauty when it comes to oral health. They represent cleanliness and show that you do not have any cavities or plaque. Having plaque on your teeth may cause discolouration, turning the surface into a yellowish colour. In some cases, the change in colour may become so apparent. Some may even be difficult to remove by simple brushing. This is called staining.

To remove stains on your enamel, you will need the help of cosmetic dentists in Surrey. It is not enough that you use whitening toothpaste for stained teeth.

What causes discolouration and staining?

Your daily intake of food and beverages is the most common cause of discolouration. The acids in your mouth react with the chemicals present in food to break them down. This has an effect on your teeth as well. While these reactions may be stabilised by drinking water, some types of drinks may contribute to staining. These include coffee, tea or soda. Anything that has high acidic content may cause your teeth to go yellow. Couple that with poor hygiene and your teeth are on their way to getting irremovable stains.

Another cause of discolouration is the use of tobacco products. Some drugs like antihistamines may also cause a change in your teeth’s natural colour. Even if you try to avoid these things, you may still suffer from staining due to genetics. Some people are born simply with lighter shades of white teeth while others may be easily prone to staining.

Stains do not really have any effect on your overall dental health. It may simply be an aesthetic issue as it may lower your self-esteem. When you find yourself with this problem, know that there are cosmetic solutions to remove stains and make your teeth whiter. Visit your cosmetic dentist and have your teeth checked.