Complete Your Smile with Dental Implants

DentistSome people dread the thought of losing their teeth. This is caused by feeling physical pain from dental problems leading to the eventual loss of teeth. Save from wisdom tooth extraction, most instances of tooth loss are often due to caries and periodontal disease.

Aside from the physical pain, some people also feel anxious at the loss of their teeth due to the embarrassment of having to speak or smile with noticeably bad teeth.

It is a good thing that many cosmetic dentistry services are now available. Of all these, dental implants in North London are among the recommended treatments, as they give permanent replacement to missing teeth.

Should you go for a dental implant procedure, here are some of the options that dentists may recommend:

  • Single tooth replacement – If you are only missing one tooth, a single implant and crown may be the suitable treatment.
  • Multiple teeth – Implant-supported bridges may be the right option to replace multiple teeth. Some people delay single-tooth replacement to get this instead, so they can complete the treatment in one go.
  • Complete teeth restoration – When only a few of the teeth are left, some people voluntarily have their remaining teeth removed and replaced with a complete set of restorations.

The implant procedure involves other steps, such as testing the amount and condition of the bone where the dentist will place the titanium-metal implant locks. Some of the other options that dentist may present to patients are correcting deformities in the back jaw and the lower jaw through sinus lift and ridge modification.

No matter what reasons you have for getting implants, realise that this treatment can make a big difference to your smile. Consult your dentist to determine the treatment plan for your missing teeth.