Citrus Bergamot: Reduce Bad Cholesterol Without Side Effects

OrangeRecent studies revealed that bitter citrus fruit bergamot, which is commonly used to flavor Ear Grey tea, has the power to help control cholesterol levels. It can increase good cholesterol levels in the body, eliminating fatty liver deposits and reducing blood sugar.

In one study, 77 participants were given 1,000mg of bergamot extract daily for a month. Their cholesterol levels dropped from 278mg/dl of blood (the average) to around 191. It adds that including citrus bergamot to daily cholesterol medications allowed participants to reduce their rosuvastatin dose by half, without reducing the drug’s effectiveness. This is because of the flavonoids — extremely potent antioxidants — found in bergamot.

How Can Citrus Bergamot Extract Help Lower Cholesterol?

Bergamot functions by inhibiting the enzyme HMG-CoA, reducing the LDL or bad cholesterol levels in your bloodstream. It could likewise improve fecal elimination of bad cholesterol. In addition, the flavonoids found in extracts promote good blood vessel health by supporting their endothelial lining.

Bergamot extract likewise shows promise as an anti-ageing supplement for its ability to control blood sugar levels. In combination with pycnogenol and benfotiamine, it’s beneficial in managing blood sugar and lowering AGEs or advanced glycation end products that could contribute to premature ageing.

Citrus Bergamot Extract and Statins

Statins, which are drugs commonly used for lowering cholesterol, come with side effects that include weakness and muscle pain. The only adverse effect of bergamot extract supplementation, on the other hand, is mild heartburn. Although bergamot can be used as a supplement to lower cholesterol, you shouldn’t adjust your statin dosage or stop taking it without your doctor’s instructions.

Studies show that daily citrus bergamot dosage should be 500mg only. Store your supply properly, as well, because direct exposure to sunlight could make it toxic.

Be warned that more research is necessary when taking bergamot extract by itself without help from statins since it’s still not clear whether bergamot supplementation alone can stabilize cholesterol levels. To be safe, buy from a trusted supplier and consult your doctor if you can incorporate bergamot with your other medications and supplements.