How to Hire Paver Contractors

The patio with concrete pavers is low maintenance. Know what things you have to ask while recruiting a contractor to build your patio paver. While building a patio, the smallest error can be very costly. An improperly built patio may become an unsightly detail on your landscaping, and it will be vulnerable to irregular settling or drainage problems. Eventually, it could damage the base of your house. 

It’s important to choose an expert paver contractor to oversee your patio construction project. A professional landscaping company will make sure that the patio comes with a gentle slope for the proper drainage of water. It should be an inch for every four feet. 

How to Install Patio Pavers  

Adding a sheet of geo-fabric between the stones and sub-surfaces is also a good idea to compact the foundation, avoid weed proliferation, and prevent sinking. The subsoil must be compressed before laying out those base materials. 

All gaps should be filled in, particularly the ones between the cobblestones. Use sand to ensure that they remain in their proper place. Top off the foundation using several layers of sand. Ensure that there’s adequate edging to hold the cobblestones in place. Fill the foundation with layers of sand as well and use the rim to hold those pavers in the right position.  

As you begin the process of choosing a landscaping design company, be sure to ask the right things. This will lead you towards a successful project. Not only these questions will help you distinguish the good from the bad, but they will also make you appear like a discerning customer with very high expectations. 

1. Do you hold a license? 

Most cities require every professional contractor to hold a license to perform their work through the respective contractors’ board. When presented with a license, decide if it’s the one required to build patio pavers in your property. 

2. Are you insured or bonded? 

A patio paver company must carry liability insurances and workers’ compensation policies. Without these, you will be responsible for all the damages caused to your property by the contractor as he or she goes about the project. When you interview these contractors, don’t forget to see for yourself their proof of coverage. 

3. Do you provide guarantees? 

A decent patio project company will not charge you if the work they provided needs to be done again after a period of time. Guarantees are necessary to ensure that the contractors will do a superb job on your property.  

4. Could you provide a time estimate? 

A reputable landscaping company should tell you about the start and completion of the project. They will also give you how many people will be working on your property to complete the project on time. You’re not supposed to guess if they will show up on that day or not. 

5. Do you offer free estimates? 

You should know the required budget to build a patio. The contractor must be willing to give a fixed price estimate for the service. It shouldn’t be a ballpark figure.