Can I Still Give Birth Naturally After a Cesarean?

Smiling mother after childbirthMany mothers in the United States today, even in Salt Lake City, give birth to their children via C-section, yet some still do think of natural childbirth.

For first-time mothers, a natural childbirth may be nothing to wonder about, but for mothers who have already had one or several C-sections, you may wonder if you can still give birth naturally.

Natural for Your Next Child

Natural childbirth has its benefits and risks, much like a C-section. You may want to have a natural birth this time around, however, since it results in a shorter recovery time and a brief hospital stay. You may have other reasons as well, but you can definitely give birth to your next child naturally.

When you give birth naturally after previous C-sections, you have a VBAC here in Salt Lake City. Maternity expert Wasatch Midwifery and Wellness states that VBAC stands for vaginal birth after cesarean, although the VBAC refers to the successful delivery of the baby via natural childbirth.

When you attempt to have a VBAC, you undergo TOLAC or trial of labor after cesarean.

A Look at the Numbers

A midwifery in Wasatch County will be able to help you learn more and prepare for a TOLAC to achieve a VBAC. Around 60 to 80 percent of mothers successfully give birth naturally after TOLAC. That rate has encouraged as much as 90 percent of C-section mothers to pursue a VBAC.

What to Do for a TOLAC and VBAC

When you want a VBAC yourself, you can get a midwife who favors VBAC’s. The midwife can offer support throughout your pregnancy. You can also find a doula that can help you relax and manage labor pains.

Remember to stay strong throughout the TOLAC and to refuse labor induction. Labor induction only increases the chance for a cesarean. You can also check if you are eligible for a VBAC. The midwifery will be able to help you confirm that.

Elements that make you eligible include a prior experience of natural childbirth and low transverse incision from a previous cesarean. Your next child will soon enter the world naturally if you have a VBAC.