Braces Pain: Should You be Worried?

Preparing for bracesPain is one of the main concerns about having braces. If you’re thinking of getting an orthodontic treatment, you’re likely to feel some pressure and pain, as the braces push and pull your teeth. This pain, however, is normal and necessary in achieving a better smile.

Braces exert force on the teeth to gradually move them through the gum tissues in your mouth. The wires and the brackets cemented on your choppers make the movements possible by putting pressure that pushes and pulls the teeth. This can make both your teeth and gums sensitive, which can lead to some discomfort. The pain is likely to become more noticeable if you bite into something solid.

It Takes Time to Get Used To

Orthodontists in Lake Nona, FL note that braces also hurt because your mouth isn’t used to having wires and brackets inside it. There are also cases where both the wires and the brackets might have sharp edges that can cause discomfort and might seem difficult to get accustomed to. Putting a little dental wax on the rough or sharp areas can provide some relief.

Pain is Only Temporary

Discomfort is common on the first few days of getting braces. The intensity of pain, however, depends on every patient, as well as the skills and training of the orthodontist. The pain can also be bothersome, but be reminded that this is temporary and you’ll soon get used to those foreign objects in your mouth. You might not even feel your braces are there after several months.

Pain and Getting Braces Tightened

There will come a time that your braces may need to be tightened, which is important in moving your teeth into the right position. Braces tightening is done several times during the course of the orthodontic treatment. As there’s new pressure applied to the teeth, this can cause some pain and make your gums feel tender or sore. But then again, the pain will subside and is usually manageable.

When it comes to getting braces, don’t let the fear of pain hold you back. Besides, the pain isn’t permanent, and there are a lot of things you can do to minimize discomfort. It’s also a good idea to focus on your thinking on the end goal, which is a set of straight and healthy teeth.