Boosting Metabolism: The Right Food and Healthy Practices

Boosting your body’s metabolism is key to losing weight. It’s the one thing that naturally burns your calories and is arguably the first step to establishing a more active lifestyle. Conversely, a slower metabolism translates to lower energy.

As with most everything else in life, your genetics contribute to how fast or slow your metabolic rate is. This isn’t permanent, though, and there are many things that you can do to boost your metabolism for a healthier lifestyle.

A Balanced Meal Goes a Long Way

mealMost people tend to disregard how instrumental a well-balanced meal really is, especially when it comes to breakfast. During sleep, your body clock winds down and goes on a pseudo-hibernation. When you wake up, it would feel as if you’ve been fasting for 10 to 20 hours, which means that you need energy as soon as possible. Hence, a balanced meal that incorporates fruits, vegetables, and protein will help jumpstart your body’s metabolism for a day. Do this regularly, and your metabolic rate will stay up.

Additionally, eating a wholesome meal means you will have less food cravings throughout the day, which mean less chance of overeating.

Sleep and More Sleep

Keri Gans, RD and author of The Small Change Diet explains that the less time you have for sleeping, the more likely you are to have a lower metabolic rate. She adds that. “If you’re tired, a lot of times, you make poor choices. Our body needs time to repair itself, it needs rest.”

We earlier established how sleep is pretty much like hibernating, and while it does reset your metabolic rate, it also burns calories while you sleep. Ideally, you should start heading off to sleep at around 9pm so that when morning comes, your metabolic rate is reset and you’re body’s more willing to be ‘refreshed’.

Water is Your Best Friend

glasses of waterYour body’s metabolic rate slows down when you feel parched and dehydrated. Instead of grabbing a cola or some juice, drink water instead. Additionally, your body often tricks you into thinking you’re hungry when in reality, you’re just thirsty.

64 ounces a day is the minimum amount of water you should be consuming, but there’s no danger in increasing it. Apart from keeping your metabolic rate in the norm, water is a good calorie burner and will help you shave off those unnecessary pounds.

Apart from these three tips, it’s always a good idea to establish a more active lifestyle so that you keep your metabolic rate up. Even a simple jog or walk down the neighborhood helps keep your body used to its increasing metabolic rate.