Benefits Of Enrolling Your Kid In A Martial Arts Class

Martial Arts Students

If you are afraid that martial arts will turn your kid into a war freak who is always looking for a fight, don't be. Martial arts is not about fighting; instead, it teaches kids how to build self-confidence, pride, and respect. In addition, it helps work off some of that extra energy of hyper kids and helps the sedentary ones become more active.

Here are some more benefits of martial arts like taekwondo, jujitsu, and karate for kids

Be More Active

Most kids these days are happy to sit in front of their computers all day. Enrolling them in a martial arts class will get them up and moving. This will also help them avoid childhood obesity, which is a common problem today. An hour or more of physical activity a day is recommended. Your kid doesn't necessarily have to join a sports team for this. A simple combination of cardio and activities that strengthen muscle and bones will do. Martial arts definitely meet all these goals with all the kicking and punching drills.


Martial arts is not all about the punches and the kicks; it also teaches responsibility. Showing up in an untidy uniform is a big no-no with martial arts. Your child will soon learn that he needs to be in a clean uniform with a neatly tied belt. Other than this, your child will also be given the responsibility of taking care of the equipment he or she uses, such as the sparring gear.

Improved Focus and Concentration

The only way to advance in belt status is to pay close attention in class. Your kid will soon learn that if he doesn't focus on the proper punching and kicking techniques, his belt-status will remain the same and he will get left behind by the other kids. This training often carries over to the other areas of your child's life. In fact, studies have shown that kids who learn a martial art do better in school.

Gain Self-Confidence and Respect

Martial arts help kids gain self-confidence while teaching respect for himself and others. A martial arts class does not group the kids by age; instead, it groups them by belt level. This allows younger kids to play with the 'big' ones; therefore helping develop their self-confidence. Also, being with older kids will remind them to be more respectful.

The best time to enroll your kid in a martial arts class is when he turns six years old, as his motor skills for punching and kicking are already developed by this time. The right martial arts school will teach your kid that self-confidence and respect are more important than learning how to fight.