The Benefits of Moving Teeth

Smiling woman with perfect teethMany people still believe that there is an age limit to getting teeth straightened, and no one can get it done when they reach adulthood. This is a fallacy. As soon as someone has some of their adult teeth they can go for clear braces in Harley Street, and braces can be used on anyone, no matter how old they are. In fact, many dentists recommend adults get their teeth straightened because of the health benefits.

In Harley Street, clear braces are available from many dentists, including Harley Street Dental Clinic. Some dental practices even have dentists who work solely on teeth straightening, an area of dentistry that requires several years of postgraduate study.

Why braces are good for the health

Getting one’s teeth aligned with clear braces in Harley Street allows the pressure of chewing to be evenly distributed across the jawbones. When the pressure is uneven, a few of the teeth end up taking most of the strain, which can lead to them crumbling and falling apart. An uneven bite can also create head and neck aches and problems with the jaw muscles. As important is the fact that when teeth are properly aligned, they are much easier to keep clean. With fewer places for plaque and tartar to accumulate in, there is less chance of gum disease and tooth decay, so people can expect their teeth to last longer.

How do braces work?

Realigning the teeth requires sustained pressure on them in the right direction. Any pressure that goes on for more than 72 hours will cause the bone to react to ease it. The bone in front of the direction of pressure will be broken down, and bone behind the tooth will be built up.

Bracket and wire braces use a pulling pressure to move teeth. The direction they move in depends on the angle of the brackets on the teeth. Aligners, which look like super-thin mouth guards, use pushing pressure to move the teeth. The dentist’s skill comes in through working out how to apply the pressure to get the teeth to move in an accurately predicted manner. This can be quite a complex task when several teeth are out of alignment in different ways.