Be the Tooth Fairy: Helping Kids Beat Fear of the Dentist

A young boy about to undergo a dental procedureA regular visit to the dentist is important, especially for children. But chances are they rarely practice this habit because of dental fear or anxiety. This could have serious consequences because as Utah health experts would attest, oral health problems affect a child’s entire well-being.
As the parent, you are responsible for helping your child overcome their anxiety. Here are some tips for you:

Talk to your child

The first thing to do is have a serious talk with your kid about their anxiety. From here on, you’ll know how to prepare them and reduce the sources of their fear. In addition, you can communicate better with your pediatric dentist regarding the best dental care plan for your little one. A trusted kids’ dentist in Lehi appreciates parents who are proactive in helping their children become consistent in good oral hygiene practices.

Kids usually fear the dentist because they had a previous bad experience in the clinic; for instance, they felt so much pain when the dentist got their tooth out. If this is the case, you may want to visit another dentist, so your little ones could see for themselves that pain shouldn’t always be part of their dental visit.

Ask around for reputable pediatric dentists

While all dentists are knowledgeable in their field, not all are able to communicate well with kids. You should go to a dentist who has a wealth of experience working with young patients.

Ask your friends and neighbors for some recommendations. If you have relatives who are dentists, it’s best to keep them as your first options.

Be careful with the words you use

Sometimes, the reason kids are afraid of the dentist is that it is associated with so much negativity, and that’s reflected on the words you use. If your kids keep hearing the words “hurt”, “pain”, and “shots”, they’re really going to form negative images on their head even before they get to the dentists’ chair.

Use positive words. Tell them that the visit to the dentist is good because it keeps their teeth clean, healthy, and strong. For the other details of dental treatments, let your dentist do the talking and explaining. This presents the importance of choosing a dentist that has worked with children before. They know how to communicate and prepare your kids for dental treatments.

Help your kids deal with their fear of dentists. This is important so that they will recognize the importance of good oral health and will grow with healthy teeth and gums.