Arresting Impacted Wisdom Tooth Complications Before It’s Too Late

Dental Care in UtahThe mystery of the wisdom tooth has baffled a lot of people, from its name to its function.

Normally, wisdom teeth don’t pose any real threat and nobody pays attention to them until they become bothersome. Oftentimes, the discomfort means the tooth is impacted. Now, you have real trouble. says wisdom teeth are the last set of adult teeth to come in, typically between18-25 (hence, wisdom). They become impacted when they have no room to grow, usually from the blockage of other teeth.

In some cases, they can be very painful, but other people can experience no pain or discomfort at all. Despite the absence of symptoms, impacted tooth can lead to complications affecting other parts of the mouth.

Here are conditions usually triggered by this condition:


A sac can develop within the jawbone, eventually filling with fluid and forming a cyst. This cyst can affect the jawbone, teeth, and nerves, causing pain and damage.

Tooth decay

There are two kinds of impacted wisdom teeth: fully and partially. The former refers to those that never break out of the gums, while the latter means those that emerge halfway so that only the crowns are visible. A partially impacted tooth has a very high risk for tooth decay, mainly because it’s difficult to clean and remove particles from the tooth.

Damage to the surrounding teeth

Impacted tooth can push against the surrounding tooth and damage it. This makes you at high risk for infection and can lead to immense pain and discomfort.

Gum disease

Because partially impacted teeth are difficult to brush, the patient may develop pericoronitis, a painful inflammation in the gums.

The only person qualified to remove impacted wisdom tooth is a maxillofacial surgeon. If you think you have impacted tooth, you can start by consulting a dentist. If they confirm the impaction, they may refer you to a surgeon.

Although the prospect of surgery can be scary, it’s always best to prevent the complications before they take over. If it comes to that, you may be in for a nasty surprise.