Are Patients with Diabetes Allowed to Get Dental Implants?

Dental ImplantsMany people undergo dental implants every year, and the procedure is widely regarded as an effective and safe way to replace broken or missing teeth. While implant surgery may pose minimal risks, however, it may not be for everyone.

People with diabetes, unfortunately, are at a higher risk of implant failure or developing complications following the procedure. Consequently, many individuals afflicted with the condition think that they must choose a different tooth restoration procedure, such as dentures. Well, dental health care professionals have good news: most people with diabetes can safely get dental implants if they take the risk factors into account and take measures to mitigate their effects.

Risk Factors for People with Diabetes

Diabetes is a disease that impairs the natural healing process of the body. As people with diabetes typically take up about twice the time to recover from any surgery than non-affected patients, it may deter them from considering getting a dental implant.

Furthermore, diabetes can change bone formation by diminishing the mineral density and growth of the bone surrounding the implant. Patients may therefore also face the risk of developing post-surgical infections.

Despite these risk factors, patients with diabetes can still go through the implant process successfully. Research reveals that individuals with well-managed diabetes can, with proper planning, treatment, and post-surgical maintenance, obtain the same success with implants as individuals who do not have the condition.

Determining Candidacy for Dental Implants

NuSmile Dental says that people inflicted with an uncontrolled chronic disorder, like diabetes, will need to undergo a thorough evaluation to determine if they are suitable dental implant candidates. Therefore, it’s important for people with diabetes to share important medical information, such as the type of diabetes and their history with the disease. The dentist will consider all this information, along with the risk factors, to help determine the ideal procedure to restore the missing teeth.

Diabetes can undergo implant surgery if the dentist deems that they are physically qualified to do so. One thing is for certain, though: a condition like diabetes shouldn’t stop people from obtaining a healthy, attractive smile.