Alternative Stones for Diamond Engagement Rings

Engagement ring on woman

Engagements are one of the happiest events for many couples who plan to spend their lives together. Traditionally, this event is made more memorable with an engagement ring.

In the 1930s, DeBeers started the trend of “traditional” diamond engagement rings. For many, the need to make their partners happy makes people want to choose the perfect diamond; however, many people also find it daunting as diamonds are expensive. Normally, it is the equivalent of up to three months of an average office worker’s salary.

Alternative Stones

Fortunately, you can present your partner with an engagement ring in Utah that is less expensive than a diamond but has all the glitter and beauty of one. The experts at AAA Jewelers explain that these stones are found in many jewelry stores and are sometimes known as “man-made” diamonds.

Cultured diamonds – If it really must be a diamond, then this is your alternative. This is an actual diamond that is manufactured in a lab. They use controlled extreme temperature and pressure to create these rocks from carbon.

The creation of these stones takes a shorter period than natural diamonds. But they have lower prices due to the psychological perception that natural diamonds are rare and valuable.

Moissanite – This is a crystal that was discovered in the late 1800s in meteors that survived entry into the earth’s atmosphere. Almost as hard as a diamond and with even better brilliance and fire, this stone can now be cultured in labs and cost a mere fraction of a diamond’s price tag.

Cubic Zirconia – This is the crystallized form of zirconium dioxide. it is hard and optically colorless, which makes it the cheapest diamond alternative.


Make that special day a happy one for you and your beloved. In Utah, you can buy a diamond ring to mark the day she says “Yes”, and you don’t need to break the bank.