Age Gracefully with 2 Surprising Secrets

agingIt turns out that some activities that people enjoy doing to while away the time can prove harmful to their health. A lack of exercise and watching too much television can lower your life expectancy. If you continue these bad habits, you might end up being provided with hospice home care in Indiana.

While everyone dreams of living to ripe old age, most people fail to take proactive steps to age gracefully. Taking care of your health and body will pay off late in life. It prevents you from succumbing to severe illnesses that are painful and ruinous.

There is a great difference between spending most of your time in hospitals and taking part in activities that you find enjoyable. Here are some surprising ways to improve your quality of life as a senior.

Get off the couch

Being physically active is right for your health. Regular physical activity lowers your susceptibility to chronic diseases. Experts recommend that you need about 150 minutes of physical activity per week. However, only less than a third of Americans meet this recommendation. Most Americans put their health at risk by being lazy.

Luckily, if your schedule doesn’t leave you too much wiggle room, you can kick it down to 15 minutes. Recent findings indicate that 15 minutes of moderate exercise can increase your life expectancy by about three years. It can also lower your risk of dying by up to 14 percent.

Lower your screen time

With so many enticing programs available, watching TV is the number one pastime in the country. However, recent findings indicate that watching too much television is bad for your health. Watching about six hours of television daily can lower your life expectancy by almost five years.

The findings indicate that watching too much television is as just as detrimental as smoking and a lack of exercise. This is not to say that the tube will harm your health. However, you are unlikely to be physically active when you spend too much time watching TV.

The key to enjoying your sunset hours depends on how you pass your time during your youthful years. By avoiding activities that can endanger your health, you can improve health and increase your lifespan.