Adult Teeth and the Types of Braces to Choose From

Woman having her bracesHigh schools students often have to deal not just with changing bodies due to puberty, but also with social awkwardness, thanks to dental braces. Imagine having to go through that as adults.

Scary? Yes. The good news? More and more adults are getting their teeth fixed. The better news? There are different types of braces to choose from.

Before you visit your dentist in for your braces in Jacksonville, it would be helpful to know what options you have and what to expect from them.

Traditional Braces

The most affordable type of braces that can correct most kinds of teeth problems is still the conventional braces. Made from stainless steel and decorated with rubber for protection, the most significant drawback on sporting traditional braces is its visibility.

This, along with pain and discomfort due to regular adjustments are some of the reasons why adults avoid it despite its effectiveness.

Lingual Braces

These are braces placed at the back of your teeth. Like traditional braces, they make them with stainless steel. The only difference is that it will not be as visible as conventional braces because of its location.

Ceramic Braces

The goal of ceramic braces is to align your teeth minus minimal visuals. Thus, the use of ceramic that rather mimics the color of the teeth. Unlike metal braces, however, ceramic braces are prone to discoloration due to the food and beverages one drinks because of its material.

Invisible Braces

Invisible braces are becoming a trend, especially for adults. These braces are made of plastic and are removable. Yes, you read it rights; you can remove it when you eat. Another pro is that treatment period does not take as long as other forms of braces.

Although it works only on conditions with minor problems, invisible braces are costly.

What type of braces do you prefer to have? Ask your dentist if your teeth condition would allow it. Good luck!