A Physician’s Guide In Choosing A Locum Agency

Worried doctor holding a clipboard

Traveling while being paid to do a job that you like is every person’s dream. In the medical field, physicians can do both by being a locum tenens, a Latin term that means “to take place of.” Meaning, if a resident physician takes a vacation, a locum tenens would take over to fill his job at the hospital.

As a first-time locum tenens, there are things you should put into consideration. Will you be working as a nurse? Someone in the field of internal medicine? Or do you have your interest in the emergency section?

Wherever your choice of work is, the first step is to find the right locum agency, such as Interim Physicians. Here are things to consider in choosing a locum agency.

Licensing and Legalities

Licensing varies from one state to another. Therefore, before choosing a locum agency, it is important to do a thorough background check. The agency you choose should be able to present to you formal paperwork that certifies them to operate.

The Size

Larger is not necessarily better. Companies that advertise so much does not mean they are better. The more costs they incur for their advertising, the more affected your salary would be. Go for medium sized agencies or even small ones. They might not be that famous, but at least you get paid on time.

The Recruiter

Have a good relationship with your recruiter. This person is your bridge to get to the kind of jobs and institutions you want. If you cannot work well with your recruiter, maybe it is time to find another agency.

Terms and Policies

You make sure you lay out the terms and policies properly in the contract and followed by both parties. As a physician, you have the right to make your demands and request for some changes in the contract if you deem it not fit for your skills.

Choosing the right agency can be challenging, but with educated evaluation and by following your guts, you can land a good one and enjoy that job that you have.