A Bug Bugging You: What to Do When You Have an Insect in Your Ear

a mosquito sucking bloodIn most instances, people wouldn’t let themselves be near insects, swatting them away at the slightest noise of buzzing movement. Imagine how stressful it would be to have a bug crawling inside your ear. Although rare, this happens when people sleep or work outdoors, say, when you’re camping at Colorado state parks. In such situations, you should be able to get rid of the bug as soon as possible.

The Symptoms

Sometimes, the insect dies inside the ear. But in other cases, it may still be alive and will continue moving. You may hear loud buzzing sounds and experience pain, as the bug might bite the insides of the ear. As the tissues of the ear canal and eardrum have nerves, any disturbance here will be terribly disturbing. It would feel like your ears are swelling, looking all red. You may notice a bloody or pus-filled discharge as well, as a result of injury to the ears.
In the case of younger kids, they may not suspect that they have a bug in their ears. If you see your child constantly scratching theirs, that may be a sign of the problem. It’s best to take them to a Colorado ENT (ear, nose, and throat specialist) so they could properly get rid of the bug.

The Relief

The first, crucial step in removing the insect is to keep calm. You might make rash decisions, which may worsen the problem if you’re not thinking straight. Remember to not use a cotton swab to poke the bug because this might only shove them deeper into the insides of the ear, making it harder to let them out.
What you should do instead is to incline your head gently on the side of the affected ear, then shake it until the bug comes out. Never hit your head with your hand or a hard object as this can lead to other problems. If this doesn’t work, put a small amount of vegetable oil inside the ear. This will kill the bug eventually. If all of these don’t work, go to your ENT. These specialists will use an otoscope to diagnose the problem, and forceps or suction to get rid of the bug.

Do bugs bug your ear? Remember the proper way to remove it and make sure to consult your doctor.