4 Things to Consider in Your Search for a Memory Care Facility

An elderly man being cared for by a nurseMany people with dementia move into a care facility once their condition progresses to a certain stage. These care facilities that treat them with respect promote independence and preserves dignity. They can improve the lives of the patients. Choosing the right home is very important but can be difficult. Before selecting a nursing home, assisted living home, or a facility specializing in memory care, consider the following:

Care and Services

The staff should be familiar with common issues arising from dementia and other types of memory problems. Ask what kind of programs they offer to the residents, and how they support different levels of functioning. Make sure the care facility provides the special needs of each service user. Various facilities offer memory care in Provo.

A good care home should have friendly and competent members of staff. Observe how they provide treatment and whether they give help when asked.

Licensing and Regulations

Be sure the facility meets the necessary safety and cleanliness requirements. The administrator should have current licenses, and the establishment should meet fire regulations, which include fire doors and sprinkler systems.

Meals and Activities

The food should be appealing, healthy and suitable for their specific needs. Check whether the staff assists the residents with drinking and eating if necessary. Also, be sure there are supervised exercises and creative social activities.

Cleanliness and Safety

Be sure the home is safe and clean, especially the bathroom and kitchen. The doors to the outside should be secure, and the furniture sturdy. The facility should also have systems in place that keep an eye on patients who like to wander.

Visiting the facility beforehand gives you the opportunity to see for yourself what they offer as well as meet staff and residents. It is essential to spend time observing everyday life. Ask visitors and residents on their opinions of the care facility.