3 Ways to Keep the Youth Off the Streets

Young AlcoholicsWith so much violence and hatred going on, it’s no wonder that young people are becoming more self-destructive. Scenes of school shootings are difficult to accept as well as cases of drug abuse and alcoholism. Bullying is another problem and so is taking part in gangs and organized crime. The best way to keep the youth from destroying their futures is keeping them off the streets and having them do something productive.

Let Them Express Themselves Through Music or Art

It is important to keep teens off the streets, in this case, music and the arts can keep them occupied. This is also one way for them to learn a new skill. They may not know anything about music, or about painting and sculpture, but when they learn about these things, they would be better able to express themselves.

Volunteer at Halfway Homes or Soup Kitchens 

Volunteering is a good way to get kids to become exposed to what’s happening around them. It helps them understand that there’s so much more to parties, dates, and gadgets. Helping the hungry and the needy will also teach them to be more grateful for what they have.

They can also visit a residential treatment center where wayward teens are being rehabilitated. These are kids who got into drugs, alcohol, smoking or other forms of abuse. It would be an eye-opening experience for them to see how different their lives are from other kids their age.

Mentor a Fellow Young Adult

Being a big sister or a big brother to someone also fosters a sense of responsibility. They’re looking out for someone who may need help with basketball, homework, or cheerleading. It develops accountability and discipline as well.

These are just three activities that can help the youth become more productive and responsible adults in the future.