3 Reasons You Need to Visit Your Dentist During Pregnancy

Smiling PatientAs an expecting mother, you do everything to make sure that your growing baby stays healthy inside your womb. Amid all the excitement and good-fears, do you also think about your dental health?

While some people think it’s not advisable to have their teeth cleaned while pregnant, the truth is you should visit your dentist at least once during the nine-month wait for your baby. L.A. Dental Arts and other dental clinics share the reasons moms-to-be shouldn’t forget to visit their dentist.

Your gums can swell during pregnancy

When you’re pregnant, your levels of progesterone increases. This surge can lead to gum problems due to your gum’s response to plaque bacteria. The high levels of progesterone can lead to more plaque build-up, which causes the gums to swell and become more tender. Some pregnant women even experience bleeding in the gums as a result.

Fight increased risk of tooth decay

Pregnant women are more prone to getting cavities. Some of the cases are due to the high increase of carbohydrates in a pregnant woman’s diet. Some are linked to the high levels of acid in the mouth because of morning sickness. The increased presence of acid in the mouth can be highly damaging to your enamel.

You need better oral hygiene

When you’re pregnant, it’s often easy to forget even the basics, so make sure you’re getting an extra hand from your dentist for better oral health. Be informed that you have to delay some procedures after pregnancy. But do schedule professional teeth cleaning during your pregnancy, so you don’t have to think about it when the baby comes.

There you have it—three of the many reasons you need to take care of your dental health while you’re pregnant. Don’t forget to make an appointment with your dentist soon and get your pearly whites ready to meet your little one.