3 Important Things to Know Before Undergoing Breast Augmentation

Breast AugmentationThe more prepared you are for your breast augmentation surgery, the higher the chances of an easier, quicker and safer procedure. Preparing yourself mentally and setting up the right recovery environment will not only set the mood right but also ensure that you heal faster and without complications.

Once you show interest in the procedure and talk to a cosmetic surgeon, you will receive a set of preparatory guidelines. While these guidelines are always comprehensive, most candidates don’t adhere to them since they don’t know their magnitude. Here are some of the basics explained in detail by a breast implants expert in Salt Lake City.

1. You Shouldn’t Smoke for at Least a Month.

Nicotine, the active ingredient in your cigarette, or nicotine patches tightens your blood vessels. Your body tissue will need optimal blood circulation to regenerate and heal after the surgery. Anything that puts this at risk will definitely extend recovery time. Don’t smoke for at least a month before surgery. If you can’t, cut down on your nicotine intake as much as possible.

2. Avoid Tampons During or After the Surgery.

While tampons are a convenient alternative to sanitary napkins during your periods, they do pose a risk of shock syndrome. Normally, your body can deal with mild cases of this. But, the wound after your cosmetic surgery might amplify its effects. It’s best to use sanitary napkins. Better yet, schedule your surgery immediately after your period.

3. Be Ready to Maintain Your Implants.

Breast implant maintenance is the least discussed topic in the world of cosmetic surgery. It isn’t an immediate problem. Your breasts will sag as you age and any weight gain or loss will affect how they look. You should be ready to back up your surgery with a healthy lifestyle that keeps weight change in check and slows down sagging. This will reduce how many follow-up procedures you have to do.

Understanding and following these pieces of advice will ensure that you enjoy the new you sooner and for longer.