3 Hollywood Celebrities with Intriguing Tattoos

Tattoo artist workingCelebrities may look flawless on screen, but a lot of them sport tattoos for many reasons. Whatever and wherever those tattoos are, one thing is for sure: you are curious about what they mean.

Whether you’re thinking of getting tattoos or just curious about what these celebrity inks stand for, you’ll find this list helpful.

Selena Gomez

This sweet-faced singer-actress has more than five tattoos, many of which are too small to be easily seen on TV or captured by paparazzi. All of them, though, are personal, such as the letter “g” behind her ear, which stands for “Gracie”, the name of her half-sibling who is a rainbow baby. She recently went on a “tattoo” date with two cast members of 13 Reasons Why, sporting a semicolon. This punctuation has become a symbol of hope for people with depression.

Angelina Jolie

It’s hard to keep track on Angelina’s tattoos since she removed some of them. One of the most captivating is the Khmer script of a Buddhist incantation that spoke of protection probably for her first son, Maddox, who came from Cambodia.

Emilia Clarke

You’d think the Mother of Dragons would honor her fire-breathing babies with a tattoo, but she opted for something way smaller but still significant: a bumblebee, which makes her like the character she played in Me Before You.

Where to Get These Tattoos

High Voltage Tattoo says you can get them anywhere, but if you want to feel like a real celebrity, head straight to Hollywood. Being in Tinseltown makes tattoo artists more forward thinking when it comes to concepts and designs. In fact, they can customize the design and look to meet your preferences. Plus, it usually doesn’t take a lot of time to squeeze it conveniently during your sightseeing trip.

Show your boldness, be artsy, and express yourself with tattoos. If you’re looking for inspiration, get a hint from these three beautiful celebrities.