2 Essential Medical Imaging Tools for Better Diagnosis

Doctor examines the patient tomogramDo you need to undergo a chest radiograph to fulfill your requirements for a job application? Maybe your physician advised you to undergo further imaging tests to investigate possible medical problems?

If your doctor recommended a diagnostic visualization, you must visit an institution that offers radiology services. Imaging tests provide an objective method of capturing pictures of various parts of the body. As such, it becomes easier for the clinician to determine the next step towards patient management.

Revere Health discusses two of the most important discoveries in medical history.


X-ray is the most commonly used radiologic tool in medicine. Doctors and medical staff perform this to examine your organs without making an incision to access deep structures. Radiographs may be used in different regions of the body, such as the chest, breast, and bones.

Chest X-ray is a routine test used to assess the overall condition of your lungs. In the case of a chronic cough, radiologists interpret the presence of opacities in your X-ray as lesions that must be further investigated. Orthopedic surgeons also order X-ray of the bones in case of fracture, osteoporosis, and bone malignancy. Mammography, which is X-ray of the breast tissue, is a screening procedure for breast cancer diagnosis among women aged 40 and above.

Computed Tomography Scan

Computed tomography (CT) scan is a more complex imaging modality that creates multiple images of the internal organs, soft tissues, and blood vessels. Due to its increased speed and accuracy, CT scan is ideal for emergency cases, such as head trauma and stroke that require immediate detection.

After vehicular accidents, CT scan provides an overview of the extent of damage to tissues and vessels of the brain. This test also helps diagnose tumors, such as lymphoma and lung cancer.

Radiology plays a big role in determining the etiology of the disease. It defines the next step in appropriate diagnosis and treatment. It is, therefore, important to visit an institution that offers medical imaging to detect and treat diseases or disorders in your vital organs.